portloe to mevagissey

south west coast path

sunday, 27th september 2015

It looks like I'll be in for another day of beautiful weather with sun forecast for all day long. Woop!

Falmouth high tide 05:06 and 17:25

Falmouth low tide 11:51

I start the day back at the tiny harbour in Portloe where a fishing boat has landed on the beach full up with a catch. There's no sign of the box of sea urchins I came across yesterday so I just do a quick bit of exploring of the beach.

portloe fishing boat

I enjoy some of the flowers in the village before heading off. The coast path winds its way in between the houses upwards out of Portloe and I have fine views back to the village and down to the fishing boat being unloaded in the harbour..

view back to portloe harbour


A rugged and fiddly path leads me up and down, up and down all the way to West Portholland. The beach here is sandy, but it is of the grey grit variety unlike the fine, golden sand I've been used to so far. A canoist pulls up onto the beach just as I arrive in the tiny village.

west portholland

The tide is too far in for me to be able to walk across to East Portholland on the beach so I clamber up onto the rocks and walk along the sea wall instead. East Portholland is the larger of the two villages but they are both tiny and there is only a small post office and a tea room here. I don't see the post office but I do pass Pebbles Cafe and Crafts.

the beach at east portholland

I take the road out of East Portholland, passing the last of the cottages and zigzag up a track. I walk across a couple of fields and re-join the road that leads me down to Caerhays Castle on my left and Porthluny Cove on my right.

The castle was designed by John Nash and is a rather vulgar monstrosity! I head for the beach instead which is large and sandy and rather popular.

porthluny cove

I come across a stranded jellyfish on the beach  but, unlike yesterday's starfish, shows no sign of life and there's no chance of me returning it to the water anyway.


I leave Porthluny Cove next to the cafe and head up a steep field where I have fine views back over the beach and the castle.

view back over porthluny cove

A series of fields and woods leads me past Lambsowden Cove and I come across a lone shetland pony chomping on the vegetation. There's no sign of any of his friends.

shetland pony

I continue onwards towards Hemmick Beach where I climb down steps to reach a house next to the beach. I wander out on to the sandy beach and explore the rock pools at low tide. The beach is completely deserted except for a jogger and his dog.

I come across a dead seal on the beach and as I leave the beach some families are starting to arrive.

dead seal

A steep climb gives me magnificent views over Hemmick Beach.

view back over hemmick beach

The climb cotinues, taking me up to a granite cross on the top of Dodman Point, built in 1896 as a seafarers aid for navigation. I have fine views back where I have come from and onwards towards Mevagissey.

granite cross

In the firm hope of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the encouragement of those who strive to serve Him. This cross is erected A.D. 1896.

The path continues along fields. bushy paths and scrubby slopes and I pass a flock of black sheep. I have lovely views overlooking Vault Beach.

overlooking vault beach

I take a detour off of the coast path and head down to Vault Beach. The beach here is lovely so I head down to explore it. Although quite close to Gorran Haven it is rather isolated so is never very busy and there's barely a handful of people here.

I head back to the coast path and come across a load of bees heading down into their burrows in the mud. No idea what species they are. The coast path leads me towards Gorran Haven high above the beach and I have lovely views over the village.

overlooking gorran haven

 I climb a cliff and then down steps to reach the harbour at Gorran Haven. I head out to enjoy the  beach which is just starting to get busy.

gorran haven

gorran haven

I walk up Church Street and meander through the village passing the church of St Just and the Mount Zion Church. At what was once the Llawnroc Inn (Gorran Haven no longer has any pubs) I turn right along Cliff Road and leave Gorran Haven behind me.

st just

I pass Perhaver House where a sign informs me that refugees are welcome. I walk uphill onto Pabyer Point and round Turbot Point to reach Colona Beach, consisting of a large area of sand and rocky outcrops. The beach is pretty isolated and therefore deserted, except for some oystercatchers.

colona beach

I round Chapel Point and cross grassy slopes to reach Chapel Point Lane and it's now easy walking to drop down to Portmellon. Sparrows are merrily chirping away to themselves in the bushes. I wander out on to the seaweed encrusted beach before heading back past The Rising Sun Inn and head uphill towards Mevagissey.

seaweed encrusted portmellon

the rising sun inn

Easy walking along roads chock full of hotels and bed and breakfasts takes me to a park with fine views overlooking Mevagissey harbour and it's then an easy walk downhill through roads, unusually not full of tourists and cars, to reach Mevagissey.

view over mevagissey

mevagissey harbour

I explore the shops and harbour here before heading through the village to where my lift awaits at the car park above the village, on the way passing The Kings Arms (@KingsArmsMeva), the Wheelhouse Inn, the Harbour TavernThe Sharks Fin (@sharksfin_meva) and The Ship Inn.


Flora and fauna encountered on the walk today includes :-

  • agapanthus
  • red valerian
  • white valerian
  • hydrangeas
  • crane's-bill (bloody I think but it's late in the year)
  • rosebay willowherb
  • sheep
  • cows
  • jellyfish
  • shetland pony
  • dead seal
  • black sheep
  • mushrooms
  • bees
  • sparrows


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According to my phone I've walked 13.77 miles today which amounts to 31938 steps. It has been another beautiful day's walking and the weather has been glorious again. Nine out of ten!