portesham to abbotsbury


saturday, 28TH MAY 2016

The folks over at Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site were after some volunteers to test some walks along the route of the X53 bus in Dorset. This is my second attempt to walk this walk as the weather on the first occasion was filthy. These are the instructions (with some of my modifications) for the walk from Portesham to Abbotsbury.

Alight from the X53 bus at either the Village Hall or Kings Arms bus stops in Portesham.

Walk on the pavement by the main road towards the minor road junction by the Kings Arms.

kings arms

Go up the road past the pub, a green telephone box, the old school house and St Peter's Church to the right hand bend in the road by the duck pond.

green telephone box

old school house

st peter's church

duck pond

Go left along Back Street for 100m and take the signposted footpath for Portesham Withy Beds to the right and along behind the houses.

back street

signpost for portesham withy beds

Continue to a gate onto a farm road, turn left along the road, then at the junction go straight on, through a gate and along a field path with the hedge to the left, to another gate.

Go through the gate and take the path which bears right and down through some trees, with a muddy patch, to a gate into a field.

Take the field path to the right for 100m to 2 large stones then do a hard right turn up the hill to a gate and fingerpost marked for Abbotsbury.

two large stones

fingerpost to abbotsbury

Ignore the gate. Instead, turn left uphill with the fence on the right, then across the field to a path through the bushes.

Ignore the stile on the right. Carry on this path to a path junction with a marker stone.

Go straight on, up to a minor road and gate. Turn left along the road for 50m to a gate on the right and a farm track which is the South Dorset Ridgeway.

south dorset ridgeway signpost

south dorset ridgeway

Go along the track to a gate on the left with a fingerpost to Abbotsbury. 

Take this path leaving the South Dorset Ridgeway down over the fields. There is no discernible path through the fields and the sign is pointing too far to the right but head to the left of St Catherine's Chapel and towards the Fleet and you'll find a small ridge of grass which leads to a gate marked 'Abbotsbury Round Walk, Old Railway Walk'.

Go through the gate and head along a path downhill to a sign for Abbotsbury half a mile away. You will now have good views of the village of Abbotsbury

misty view over abbotsbury

Turn right down the road to Abbotsbury.

cuckooflower on the road to abbotsbury

At the road junction, take Rosemary Lane to the Swan Inn bus stop (turn left at the main road through Abbotsbury to reach the Swan Inn) or Back Street to the Ilchester Arms Hotel bus stop.

rosemary lane

swan inn