a short walk around slimbridge

25th january 2014

Slimbridge is a wetland reserve managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust near the village of Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. Slimbridge lies on the estuary of the River Severn. It was opened on the 10th of November 1946 by the artist and naturalist Sir Peter Scott. The reserve was the first Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre to be opened and there are now nine reserves dotted throughout the United Kingdom.

It's a rather pleasant winter January day today so we head up to Slimbridge for a wander. Due to the recent bad weather I'm a little rusty with my 105mm macro lens so today's photos didn't turn out too well. Here's a few photographs from the walk :-

greylag goose


greater flamingos

lesser flamingos

emperor goose

demoiselle crane

latest sightings

Here's what Slimbridge sounded like today :-


Errrr ….. rather a lot today. Flora and fauna encountered on the walk includes :-

  • black headed gulls
  • bewick's swan
  • richardson's canada geese
  • common shelduck
  • long tailed tits
  • crested screamer
  • puna teal
  • south american comb duck
  • greylag geese
  • rooks
  • robins
  • blue tits
  • great tits
  • coscoroba swans
  • snowdrops
  • goldfinches
  • great spotted woodpecker
  • chaffinch
  • hellebores
  • moorhens
  • coots
  • greater flamingos
  • lesser flamingos
  • black-crowned cranes
  • red-breasted geese
  • emperor geese
  • demoiselle cranes
  • andean flamingos
  • james' flamingos
  • fat pigeons
  • mute swans
  • willow
  • bull rushes
  • alder
  • jackdaws
  • caribbean flamingos


According to my phone I've walked  3.2 miles today which amounts to 6831 steps. 

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